Without great employees, even the biggest companies will fall apart. For businesses like you, who value and care for your employees, offering an insurance for your workers can be a great way to show it to your employees. Plus, an insurance with attractive benefits can attract great talents to your business which ultimately will reap you as more profit and growth. This is where a group insurance comes in. The plan offers a coverage for an entire group of employees with a single contract. The number one benefit of a group insurance plans is the lesser cost than regular health insurance plans while providing same benefits to all your employees. The coverage will be provided in an event of work-related injury or when the employee is leaving the company or coverage terminated.

At Inforce Life we offer you flexible group insurance plans in Toronto, our experts will help you tailor-made a group insurance plan to find your specific requirements. We are a trusted insurance broker in Toronto and always strive to deliver you an independent consultant service to help you find the best for your business. Subscribing to a one of the best group insurance in Toronto with Inforce Life is indeed a smart decision to end your employee insurance hunt with. We’ll take care of all administration paperwork after educating with all the plans we have with pamphlets, brochures, and in-person meeting to help you find the right plan for you. Why not give us a call today and learn more about the types of group insurance schemes and request a quote for free?

Some of the Benefits of Enrolling in a Group Insurance plans are:


  • Allow you to obtain basic coverage without providing depth information on the health condition in order to receive the insurance coverage.
  • Significantly lower cost
  • Cost sharing with the employer.


  • A group insurance offer coverage protection when an employee becomes ill or is injured without having you to pull money out of your pocket.
  • Help you minimize absenteeism
  • Enhance your greater employee’s commitment and satisfaction.


Group Life Insurance

A group life insurance is available while the individual is employed by the company. With our Group Life Insurance product, you can easily set limits for the groups by job/class. The plan will allow you to take care of your employees in work-related injuries and unexpected events without pulling money out of your own or company accounts.

Prescription Drugs

At Inforce Life we have a range of Group Insurance prescription drug plans which offer coverage for medical drug expenses prescribed by a physician. Offering your employees our group insurance prescription drug plans can be a great asset in attracting great employees to your company. Ready to plan your group insurance? Contact our advisors and request a quote online.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

With our accidental, death and dismemberment insurance policy employers can pay out the beneficiary/employees if the insured passes due to an accidental cause. The types of accidents covered usually include homicide, traffic accidents, falls and drowning to name a few. Get in touch with insurance experts at Inforce Life for more information.