Traveling and exploring is a topic no one can stop being excited about whether you on a short city break or a dream tour abroad. If you wish to go your trip or holiday as smooth as it is in your dream, purchasing a travel insurance should be on the top of your travel planning checklist. A travel insurance can provide you coverage if anything goes wrong during your tours such as in an unexpected illnesses or accident and injuries, loss of a baggage or travel documents and more. Statistics show that four in 10 travelers say, that at some point in their lives either they or a companion have required medical attention while traveling. Why not plan your travels with more confidence with a travel insurance in your hand, so you never have to worry whatever your life holds for you tomorrow? As a trusted travel insurance company in Toronto, Inforce Life offers a range of Canada travel insurance plans for a range of clientele. We have best Canada visitor insurance plans and travel insurance options for Canadians as well.

For coverage from ambulance fees to simple doctor’s appointments, contact us to plan your travel insurance ahead of time.


Plan your travel insurance with Inforce Life before you plan your tour abroad even if it is a one-day trip to America. Because we don’t want you to deal with huge emergency expenses. Accidents can happen anytime even when you are on your holiday. You might get illnesses that require immediate medical attention. And what if you had to face a flight cancellation, trip interruption, luggage loss or document replacement…Investing in a Travel insurance can cover you for all the above situations, so you can sit back and relax during your entire trip no matter what happens. Offering you premium travel insurance plans, we are a promise-keeping travel insurance company in Toronto, who is on a mission to help Canadians enjoy their trip outside the country with peace of their mind.


Are you planning on finishing your higher education in Canada or an international student currently residing in Canada? With studies, traveling and adjusting to new life, no wonder what happens during a medical emergency is the last thing comes to your mind. At Inforce Life, we offer a range of international student insurance plans for students around the globe. Consult our advisors to find out the best Canada travel insurance options for you. With years of experience in the industry, we share our expertise and knowledge and help you with a tailor-made solution just for your needs. The right international student insurance can save your time money, enabling you to enjoy your student life without any stress.


Whether you are planning to explore Canada or expecting to visit your family lives there, having a Canada visitor health Insurance can be a live saviour, as non-residents of Canada do not benefit from provincial health care plans. Plan your tour to Canada without stressing or worrying about the emergency medical attention you might need during your visit to Canada with the right insurance plan. Offering you the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada with amazing coverage and flexible terms Inforce Life can help you plan your travel insurance. Protect yourself with the best coverage during your visit to Canada with our Canada visitor insurance plans. Contact us for more information or to request a travel insurance quote for free.


Considering applying for a Super Visa as you have loved ones from another country who wishes to visit Canada regularly? Then, purchasing a beneficial Super Visa health insurance plans should be top on your list. Specializing in Super Visa health insurance plans, now Inforce Life offers you quick and efficient Super Visa services than ever. We’ve helped hundreds of clients with bringing their parents and grandparents into the country for a vacation. Contact our experts and get a Super Visa quote for free.